Do you have unused land that is ideal for wind turbines? Or are you thinking of investing in heat pump technology?

Whatever your plans might be, UK Agricultural Finance is keen to help. We can assist farmers who need financial support for any credible business plan.

We provide loans for all type of renewable energy projects in the farming sector. If you’re a farmer you’ll be aware of how important renewable energy is for the future of your business. It’s also crucial for the state of the planet. In short, it can help you save money and help the environment.

With animal agriculture and the consumption of meat linked to global warming, we all want to reduce our carbon footprint anyway we can. This can be done in various ways, from investing in wind energy, which is ideal for the climate in the UK, to turning waste products in revenue.

Whether you need a loan for investing in wind, solar, or biomass energy, the chances are UK Agricultural Finance can help. We help farmers secure the finance they need for all kinds of projects, from property renovations to renewable energy.

We help farmer from all over England, Scotland and Wales to secure loans to help drive forward their business plans. Our borrowers include sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, pension funds and tenant farmers with a right to buy

For more about our loans for renewable energy projects, simply get in touch today.

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