If you run a farm, it’s likely your properties are your biggest assets. Given they’re so important to your financial security, work on agricultural buildings is one of the most common reasons that farmers look to secure a loan.

Many farmers were concerned that the recent budget would make changes to the Agricultural Property Relief, but fortunately, this wasn’t the case. You might now feel much keener to go ahead with a building project or to make changes to your property.

Need to renovate, repair or extend your agricultural property in 2020?

Whether your plans are for a farmhouse, barn or livestock building, UK Agricultural Finance could assist. We are ideal for farmers who are struggling to secure a loan from a high street lender.

No matter if your building has been damaged by flooding or you’ve been thinking of converting an old barn, we provide loans for all types of projects in the UK. Our loan help farmer across England, Wales and Scotland develop, renovate or repair property for capital appreciation and income generation.

Highly flexible and innovative, we consider any building that’s related to agriculture, from barns and outhouses to plots of land developed from the ground up. Our loans for farming properties can range from £100,000 to £10,000,000 and borrowers include sole traders, partnerships and limited companies.

If you need a loan for your agricultural property, simply get in touch with our team for more information.

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