Renewable energy and farming are considered to be the perfect combination. This is because it not only provides farmers with a long-term income but the renewable fuels produced can be used at your own farm.

According to research, reported by the BBC, farmers could cut emissions by a third by using established technologies, including the use of renewable energy. This industry has come under much more scrutiny due to the amounts of emissions farmers produce, particularly the amount of methane produced by livestock.

However, the farming sector is also one of the industries which suffer most from the extreme weather conditions that many people believe are caused by climate change.

One of the biggest issues farmers face when it comes to introducing renewable energy to their farm is finance.

Thanks to the withdrawal of government funding, it’s never been more difficult to get the funding you need to get a project off the ground.

Renewable energy can help you improve productivity and in the long-term will save you money, but getting that initial loan isn’t always easy.

UK Agricultural Finance regularly supply loans for farmers for all kinds of renewable energy projects, including the building of wind turbine sites and solar energy. We can help you bring real value to under-utilised land and turn waste products into revenue.

If you need a loan for a renewable energy project, why not find out more about UK Agricultural Finance today?

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