UK Agricultural Finance provide loans for farmers to fund all sorts of projects and applications. Here are just 10 ways our funding can drive your farming business forward in 2019:

  1. Our loans are regularly used by farmers who want to purchase land or have a unique property opportunity at late notice.
  2. With our funding, you can make the most of your property, whether you’ve decided to develop, renovate or repair properties.
  3. We also provide loans for the finance of livestock, with flexible options that can be used repeatedly.
  4. Our team understand the pressure farmers are under and we can provide loans for those unexpected circumstances and demands. Recovery and restructuring are some of the most common reasons farmers apply for our loans.
  5. We can also help you diversify your enterprise and increase revenue and reduce risk.
  6. If you’re a tenant farmer that has an opportunity to buy land, one of our loans could be ideal.
  7. Our loans are also used for generational transfers where you want to keep some of the capital.
  8. Renewable energy projects are often funded by our loans.
  9. Loans can be used to renovate your farm buildings.
  10. They can also be used to develop properties for capital appreciation and income generation.

Whether you are a broker, professional adviser or intermediary, UK Agricultural Finance want you to benefit from what we can offer. When you choose us, you’ll always be talking directly to an expert lender.

For more information, simply get in touch with our team today.

01732 252 399.

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