Have you recently been hit with the news that your landlord is selling your farm?

While such a revelation can often be unsettling, it also presents you with opportunities: tenant farmers can buy out their tenancies if they have the finance available. This is a popular move, with the numbers of farmers doing this having increased significantly since 2017 and more landlords selling up if they believe the price of their farmland has peaked.

Unfortunately since such circumstances frequently arise unexpectedly, you might not be prepared financially to seize the moment. Such a big purchase obviously requires fiscal planning and foresight, none of which are available to tenants in this type of situation. Since conventional lenders usually make assessments based on the lower of the discounted purchase price, this can make it double difficult.

UK Agricultural Finance regularly provide loans to tenancy farmers with a right to buy all over the UK, along with funds for all kinds of credit business purposes. We are specialist lenders to the farming sector and have helped thousands of farmers to get projects off the ground, from expanding their herd and investing in solar technology to refurbishing buildings.

For tenancies with a right to buy, we offer a variety of repayment options that include interest only, roll up and repayments.

If you have a tenancy with a right to buy and need the finance, why not discover more about UK Agricultural Finance today?

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