We understand that farmers can face acute financial pressures, and as such we are here to help you cope with any expected or unexpected demands. If worst comes to worst and you need to restructure, we pride ourselves on listening to, and helping, our clients so the process is as smooth as possible.

Farm Restructuring is sometimes an unfortunate necessity, there are always bumps in the road in business and when the pressure is at its highest, we’re here to try and help relieve some of that pressure, gain some breathing room, allow you to take control and rationally plan the best way forward.

We are flexible and will try to fit to the customers needs. Our lending criteria includes:

Loan Size – £100,000 to £10,000,000

Location – England, Scotland & Wales

Borrower – Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies

Loan to Value Limit – 65%

Security – Agricultural Land and Property

Use of Proceeds –A Relevant Business Plan

Repayment – Interest Only, Roll Up and Repayment Options

Duration – Typical Duration of 12 to 84 Months

UK Agricultural Finance is a company that truly believes Agriculture is the backbone of any country, and has been for thousands of years. We believe in responsible lending – this means providing useful, relevant and fair products to our borrowers, that also deliver a fair return to our investors.

We believe in taking the time to truly understand our borrowers needs, so we can tailor solutions to fit their problems. We pride ourselves on our integrity and will always act in the best interests of our customers. We are reliable, and will deliver on our promises.

If you would like to contact us regarding Farm Restructuring, please fill in the form on our site. Alternatively, email us on info@ukagriculturalfinance.com or call us directly on 01732 252 399.

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