UK Agricultural Finance provides loans to support farmers on all sorts of projects, including those related to the recovery and restructuring of a farm.

Our borrowers include sole traders, partnerships and limited companies who have a relevant business plan.

Whether your building needs urgent repairs, you’re considering converting a building or looking to invest in wind energy, UK Agricultural Finance help farmers all over England, Wales and Scotland to grow their farming business, even in the most difficult times.

An innovative and flexible lender, our loans are secured on agricultural land property which means you get finance as quickly as possible, then reapply to a conventional lender if needed.

Our team appreciate the acute financial pressures placed on farmers and the difficulty of coping with changing demand, particularly in an unpredictable economy.

If you have a detailed plan for how to take your project forward, UK Agricultural Finance can provide funding for the recovery and restructuring of your farm, no matter the kinds of issues you’ve been facing. We can provide loans ranging from £100,000 to £10,000,000, with a loan to value limit of 65%. Repayments can be interest-only, roll up or you can choose from a variety of other repayment options.

Choose our lenders and you’ll have the UK’s most experienced loan receivers to fight your corner. We’ve successfully negotiated excellent exit terms with many loan teams and have a history of recognising the business potential that might be missed by others.

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