Have you got a project planned for your farm in 2019?

Getting the finance you need to plough ahead doesn’t have to be difficult when you choose UK Agricultural Finance, an independent direct lender to this sector. We can help you build your business in the coming year by securing the finance you require.

We appreciate that agriculture is the backbone to this country but it’s also a complex and challenging business.

Whether you’re looking to purchase land, need finance for your livestock or are planning a renewable energy project in the coming year, we are one of the most reliable lenders for the agricultural sector.

We help farmers get the finance they need for all sorts of exciting projects, including tenant farmers who have a right to buy.

With our no nonsense approach, you can easily get access to the funds you need and if we can’t help, we’ll always let you know as soon as possible. Our loan officers have direct experience of building businesses and a deep knowledge of the faming sector.

The process for applying for one of our loans is extremely straight-forward. All we need is information on your plans, an independent valuation and visit to your farm. We always take the time to understand every borrower’s needs and look to provide the most useful, relevant and fair products available.

If you need the best finance for your farm, simply get in touch today.

01732 252 399.

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