Are you a tenant farmer looking for right to buy loans?

It can be hugely stressful having to move premises and if you have the chances to buy land, it can be extremely profitable in the long run, not to mention easier. If you want to plough on and purchase a farm, UK Agricultural Finance can provide the funding you need.

Since our loans are secured on agricultural land and property they are ideal for a wide range of business purposes.

Additional acreage and unique property opportunities often come along at the last minute, making it difficult to get the funds you need. We can help you move quickly to secure and expand your business. Straight-forward and easy to deal with, our professional team always take responsible lending seriously.

How does it work?

If you have a tenancy and a right to buy, all we need is a business plan for your farm, research on purchase options and value, and research on different funding sources. Then, simply contact us with how much you need and what the purchase price is. You’ll also need to tell us what the security worth is on the open market.

Our expert will also need to know when you need the loan and if you have an existing debts, along with how you will repay us.

If your landlord is selling up and you’re considering buying your land, simply get in touch with our team today.

01732 252 399.

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