Sixteen years ago tenant farmers in Scotland were granted the right to buy their agricultural land. Since then this move has become increasingly popular with farmers all over the country, along with those England and Wales.

Are you a tenancy farmer whose landlord is selling up? Do you have a right to buy and want to become a landowner this summer?

Actually owning your land offers many benefits, including the fact it presents more opportunities for development than if you have to refer to a landlord; however, if a tenancy comes to an end abruptly, it can be a struggle to get the funding quickly enough to make a purchase.

UK Agricultural Finance can help if you have a right to buy, with our easy-to-apply-for loans.

An independent lender, we supply loans based on the open market value of your land instead of the discounted purchase price. After 6-12 months you can apply to a conventional lender for refinancing (this is how long it usually takes for the land’s open market value to be used to assess a loan).

Flexible and innovative lenders, UK Agricultural Finance can provide you with loans between £100,000 to £5,000,000 to help you become a landowner in 2019.

Our loan to value limit is 65% of the open market value and repayments can be interest only, roll up, or repayment options. The typical duration for one of our loans is between 12 to 84 months.

If you’re a tenant farmer, why not discover more about our loans today?

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