If you’ve recently heard your landlord is selling up, UK Agricultural Finance can help you seize the day. We enable farmers to buy their land, with a loan based on the market value of your land, after which you can apply to a conventional lender. 

There’s been a huge increase in the number of tenants buying their farm, with discounted purchase prices and lower interest rates making it much affordable.

Many sitting tenants also find themselves in a strong negotiating position, but not having ready finance is a huge problem. While your landlord hits you with the new, it can often be unsettling, but also highly exciting.

Having rapid finance available is essential if you want to make this kind of purchase.

This is a big decision so it’s also worth seeking expert advice to work out if it’s the best decision for you. It is also crucial that you understand the terms of purchase and impact of taxation before going ahead.

Various factors will a difference in how much it costs to buy land, including the type of tenancy and age of tenant.

Tenancies with a right to buy are just one of the many uses for our loans. We help farmers to finance all kinds of projects, including those involving renewable energy.

If you have a tenancy with a right to buy and need a loan, why not get in touch with UK Agricultural Finance today? We help farmers through England, Scotland and Wales get the finance they need.

01732 252 399.

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