When your landlord makes the decision to sell, it can be a real shock, but it’s also a big opportunity. The only problem is you have a limited amount of time to find the finance needed.

There are increasing numbers of farmers seeking practical advice and finance for purchasing farms and land, which reflects the fact more tenants are being presented with the opportunity to do so. This is partly because landowners facing large capital expenditure or inheritance tax (IHT) bills are more likely to cash in on their land.

Before taking the decision to buy a farm or land, it’s important to consider what condition it’s in and whether the returns will be worth it.

UK Agricultural Finance frequently helps farmers who need a loan to buy their tenancy when the chance arises.

We frequently provide loans based on the open market value of your land, rather than the actual discounted purchase price, so you can later apply to a conventional lender but get the finance needed in time.

We can provide loans ranging from £100,000 to £5,000,000 which are 65% of the open market vale. The typical duration for one of our loans is 12 to 84 months and we offer a choice of repayments. Whether you have a short or long-term outlook in mind, the chances are we can help.

If you have a tenancy with a right to buy, why not discover more about our loans today?

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