Do you have a beautiful barn that could benefit from a renovation? Are you looking to turn it into a residential property?

Recent planning laws have made it easier to convert this type of building but it’s not necessarily any more affordable.

Barns are considered to be one of the most attractive types of buildings for conversions. Since they’re usually large, they’re perfect for all types of layouts and designs. In short, it’s much easier to manipulate this type of space. However, you will want to keep the traditional features which make this type of space appealing in the first place, like old beams and a vaulted ceiling.

The biggest downside is renovating a barn isn’t cheap, particularly as you often need to install heating and electrics. However, since barn conversions are rare, they’re usually snapped up quickly by buyers. Modern barn conversions can be truly stunning spaces that have features like integrated audiovisual and lighting systems.

UK Agricultural Finance regularly supply loans for people who need refurbishments on all types of farming properties.

We appreciate the difficulties many farmers face and look to help provide the finance you need to modernise and improve your farm. Our loans can range from £100,000 to £10,000,000 and are ideal for all types of renovations, including barns.

Whether you’re planning on developing, renovating or repairing an agricultural property, why not find out more about UK Agricultural Finance today?

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