Are you a tenant farmer with a right to buy land and want to seize an opportunity in 2019? 

Innovative and flexible, UK Agricultural Finance can help you get the finance you need quickly as possible.

If you have the opportunity to buy your farm then why not seize the moment.

However, you might lack time to apply through a conventional lender. Since they often assess loans based on the lower discounted purchase price not open market price, we understand raising sufficient capital can be difficult.

Our team always work hard to help farmers get the finance they need for all sorts of projects, including tenancy farmers who want the freedom and opportunities owning your own land provide.

UK Agricultural Finance can provide loans up to £5 million and cover all locations in England, Scotland and Wales. With Scotland only introducing the right to buy in 2003, this process is still relatively unfamiliar with many farmers.

We can also provide loans for a wide range of other purposes, including for farmers looking to invest in their herd and diversification.

Our livestock finance includes flexible options that can be used repeatedly, enabling you to make well-judged sales or purchases. This type of loan can be secured using agricultural land and buildings and there are no additional costs for drawing or repaying funds within your overall credit limit and no stand-by costs.

If you’re a tenancy farmer with a right to buy, simply call 01732 252 399.

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