Do you have a disused barn on farm? Are you loathe to knock it down, due to the beauty of the original structure?

Barns can be converted into some of the most beautiful spaces and have become one of the most coveted types of property in the UK. Those with old timber beams are particularly sought after.

They can also be transformed into highly useful buildings for all sorts of other purposes.

The secret to successfully converting a barn is believed to be working with the original structure, rather than shoe-horning in traditional domestic features, according to Home Building and Renovating. Too often barns are transformed so much, you cannot even tell that it used to be one. 

UK Agricultural Finance regularly provide loans for the development of all types of agricultural property, including farmers carrying out conversions.

Our loan sizes for properties range from £100,000 to £10,000,000 and have a loan to value limit of 65%. Borrowers who use UK Agricultural Finance include sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and tenant farmers with a right to buy.

Before applying for one of our loans, it’s important to make a clear business plan. This is true whether you’re considering converting a barn, installing solar panels or renovating an existing farmhouse. Our team are straight-forward and easy to deal with. Whatever your dreams and hopes might be, we’re keen to help.

Whether you’re looking to develop, renovate or repair a property, discover more about our loans today.

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