Whether you’re looking to borrow money to purchase land for your farm, or need to invest more in your livestock, UK Agricultural Finance is dedicated to helping you get ahead in today’s competitive climate.

The agricultural sector is one of the most important in the UK and investing in your farm is one of the best ways to ensure its future, especially post-Brexit.

UK Agriculture Finance are a forward-thinking lender who have plenty of years of experience. We’ve helped farmers all over the UK get the finance needed for all sorts of projects.

From those who need addition acreage for a farm to those who need to repair a property, we’ve helped all sorts of farmers to build their business and invest in the future.

Financed by private capital, UK Agricultural Finance has helped many farmers who were turned down by banks, even when they’ve managed successful projects in the past.

Our loans for farms can range from £100,000 to £10 million and are typically loaned for 12-84 months, with a loan value of up to 65%.

The process for applying for one of our loans is extremely simple and our team are always happy to provide advice. We want you to feel we truly understand your business and your dreams for its development.

Providing you have a clear project plan, we could be the lender you’ve been looking for.

Why not find out more about our loans for farmers today? Or simply get in touch today on  info@ukagriculturalfinance.com or phone 01732 252 399.

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