Are you a farmer looking to make additional income? Do you have underutilised land that’s ideal for solar energy?

Thanks to environmental concerns and an unpredictable economy, many agricultural businesses are under more pressures than ever.

Wind, solar and biomass energy give farmers a steady, long-term income and are part of the future of farming, with nearly 40% of farmers now using this technology to produce clean, renewable energy. Ground source heat pumps are also becoming more popular with farmers, although they can be expensive to buy and install. Luckily these fall under the government’s Renewable Energy Scheme so funding is available while a loan can make up the difference.

Renewable energy is just one of the projects that our loans can be used for. Our loans are typically used for construction projects in this field, saving our clients from having to sell equity so they have cheaper, long-term debt once the project is operational.

What kinds of projects are our loans used for?

Our loans are used for the purchase or construction of renewable energy with established take-off. Borrowers include solder traders, partnerships, limited companies, pension funds and tenant farmers with a right to buy.

Whatever agricultural project you’re looking to fund, our experts are more than happy to offer advice. We’ve been in this industry for many years and helped fund all types of agricultural businesses,

If you’re looking for loans for renewable energy projects, discover more about UK Agricultural Finance today.

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