Whether you’re looking to invest in solar energy, wind or biomass fuel, UK Agricultural Finance can help you secure the capital you need to help create a greener future.

It’s never been more important that farmers invest in renewable energy. Wind energy in particular one of the most powerful and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels, particularly in this UK. This is because Britain is in a brilliant geographic position for the turbines because of the high proportion of windblown around and over the country in Europe.

This type of energy is hoped to power 30% of global electricity production by 2050 and only recently our country has been testing one of the world’s most powerful offshore wind turbines.

Meanwhile, it’s estimated that on-shore wind energy could save the UK £50 a year off our energy bills- currently, with this type of energy produces around 14.8% of all electricity used in homes in Britain.

The only downside is that financial support for renewable energy is much harder to obtain from the government than in the past. Many farmers find they have to apply for a loan to get the finance to get a project off the ground.

Loans for all types of renewable energy projects.

Along with wind energy, solar and biomass energy are inexhaustible resources and are ideal for providing farmers with a long-term source of income. Furthermore, renewable energy can be used on the farm to replace other fuels or be sold for extra income.

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