Our team at UK Agricultural Finance is always interested to hear about your project.

Often a lot the value of your estate is tied up in property rather than the land surrounding it. But since farmers have land in abundance, there’s plenty of potential for developing or extending a property.

Our company can provide loans that enable you to renovate or repair property assets, which result in capital appreciation or income generation.

UK Agricultural Finance provides loans for the repair, renovation and development of all types of farm properties. Whether you’re looking to carry out a barn conversion, have solar panels installed or buy another property before an existing investment is sold, our team has extensive property experience and can talk you through the options available.

As our name suggests, we are specialists in agricultural finance and have helped farmers all over Britain to secure the finance they need to bring your project forward as quickly as possible.

We can offer loans ranging from £100,000 to £10,000,000 to farmers across England, Scotland and Wales who need quick finance for their farm property.

Previous projects carried out using our loans include conversions of large buildings or sites into residential units and even developments of plots of land from the ground up. We consider all types of property linked to agricultural and offer flexible lending, which can include financing the purchase of a property before an existing investment is sold,

Property is just one of the many ways out loans can be used to develop your farm.

Why not find out more about our loans for agricultural property?

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