Do you need a loan for diversification on your farm?

Like all businesses, the agricultural sector needs financial investment to grow and expand.

UK Agricultural Finance is ideal for anybody needing financial assistance in the farming sector. With our loans you can diversification with greater ease and make the most of any opportunities to purchase additional acreage.

Whether you want to make change to your farm or need help with your purchasing additional land or developing a property or renewable energy project, our experts can provide all the advice and assistance you need to drive your business forward.

We can quickly help you secure the capital to purchase extra land or extend your property.

UK Agricultural Finance offer a variety of services, ranging from helping clients with their rural mortgages to generational transfers and helping tenant farms buy their land. Our loans can also help you develop, renovate or make repairs to a property.

We believe in understanding our clients’ needs and are passionate about responsible lending at all times.

When it comes to any loan, we want to offer a fair deal which is quick, simple and flexible. We take risk management very seriously and want to protect both clients and the wider rural community from any losses.

When it comes to loans for property, lending criteria is based on a variety of factors, including: the loan size, location, borrower, loan to value limit, and use of proceeds.

If you need help with a mortgage on your farm, simply get in touch today.

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