Are you seeking finance to expand your herd in 2019?

Farmers who generate wealth long term don’t always start with large investments. It’s often smaller investments, such as your herd, which end up being most profitable.

Increasing numbers of farmers are looking to increase their number of cows and the average dairy herd has grown in size over the past few years. But it’s crucial to work out whether expanding is the right decision.

You need a clear business plan before making any decision to forward your business, whether you’re investing in cattle, farming equipment or your property. This plan can then be shown to a lender to secure the finance you need.

Our lenders can provide expert advice for farmers looking to expand their livestock.

UK Agricultural Finance regularly provide financial assistance to those looking to invest in their livestock. With our flexible options, you can use our services repeatedly to make more judicious purchases and sales.

We can provide loans that can help you seize the latest opportunities on the market, whether it’s auction purchases, opportunistic B&B contracts, longer term heifer replacement or just the option to fully utilise a good harvest.

Our lenders can provide loans between £50,000 and £1,000,000 for this type of expansion, working with a wide range of borrowers, including sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. You can choose either interest only, roll-up or repayment options.

For more information on our livestock finance, simply get in touch today.

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