Do you dream of starting a farm, or wish to expand your current premises?

If you’re thinking of buying farmland but need a loan, simply get in touch with UK Agricultural Finance for a reliable and trustworthy lender. Whether you need an additional acreage or have spotted a unique property opportunity, UK Agricultural Finance can help you secure the money you need to move forward.

Our company are keen to help you expand your business in 2018 and seize that opportunity you’re excited about. Since our bridge loans don’t have early redemption charges, you can refinance more cheaply than with a conventional lender.

We consider all types of property for anyone investigating buying farmland, even if there are specific issues with the land- such as invasive species or drainage problems.

What does applying for our loans involve?

Our lending criteria includes your location, the loan size, the type of borrower (solder trader, partnership, tenant farmers), loan to value limit and use of proceeds where we take security over agricultural land and property, but do not impose any age limits.

The first step is to research whether land would be valuable to your business. This is highly important since there are many pitfalls involved in buying farmland.

You can check out various case studies on our website which include a land acquisition for fund expansion.

Why not more about our loans for buying farmland today?

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