Dedicated to serving the rural sector, UK Agricultural Finance provide loans for all sorts of projects.

Whether you’re interested in expanding your herd, are a tenant farmer looking to buy a property, or need to cope with unexpected demands, UK Agricultural Finance can provide loans secured against your land and property and help you deal with an unpredictable market being affected by the uncertainty of Brexit.

How does it work?

We offer a highly personalised service where you can talk to an advisor in person. Somebody from our team can visit your farm and discuss the finance needed for your project and you’ll be discussing it with the decision maker themselves.

UK Agricultural Finance are straight-forward to deal with and always take lending seriously and responsibly. In any cases where we can’t assist with a loan, we’ll let you know straight away. Since our loan officers have practical experience of building a business, they know exactly how it’s done.

We are part of the Countryside Alliance along with the BIAC (British Institute of Agricultural Consultants) and the NACFB (the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers).

Since we are independent lenders, we can offer flexible secured solutions and can cover the whole of the UK. Our team really take the time to understand your business and your individual requirements, whatever they might be.

If you need to get finance for your farm in the UK, simply get in touch today.

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