Once you decide that you’d like to expand your livestock holdings, our facility can provide a flexible option that can be used repeatedly, allowing you to make judicious purchases or sales, depending on the market. This could include auction purchases, opportunistic B&B contracts, longer term heifer replacement or just the option to fully utilise a good harvest.

Essentially our facility is secured on agricultural land and buildings, but you can use this as a rolling facility as you buy (or sell) livestock throughout the life of the scheme, with no additional costs for drawing or repaying funds within your overall credit limit and no stand-by costs.

Lending Criteria

Loan size
£50,000 to £1,000,000
England, Scotland and Wales*
Sole traders, partnerships, limited companies
Loan to value limit
Agricultural land and property
Use of proceeds
Revolving finance for livestock
Age limits
Interest only, roll up and repayment options
Typical duration of 12 to 84 months

How Can We Help

  • Tick Flexible

    We provide flexible facility for livestock financing

  • Tick Rolling facility

    We can provide a rolling facility secured against agricultural land and property allowing you to buy and sell livestock

  • Tick Diverse

    Typical cases include auction purchases, B&B contracts, heifer replacement or just the opportunity to utilise a good harvest

  • Tick No additional costs

    We don’t have additional costs for drawing and repaying funds with our livestock facility

Application Form

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Application Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 1

You decide to add to your livestock holdings, or just introduce new livestock to your farm:

  • Research market and assess additional physical capacity required
  • Business plan
  • Research different funding sources
Step 2

You contact us:

  • How much would you like, what livestock you plan to add and the associated physical resources
  • What’s the security worth
  • When do you need the money
  • Any existing debts
  • How will you repay us
  • Anything else we should know
Step 3

We send you a decision in principle for you to accept:

  • How much we can lend, the interest rate and any fees
  • Your only commitment at this stage is for any costs incurred on legal or valuation fees
Step 4

Your application goes to a dedicated loan officer:

  • They help and guides you through the process from start to finish
  • We instruct an independent valuation of the property
  • You appoint a solicitor to act for you
Step 5

Your loan officer asks for:

  • Information, such as bank statements, business accounts, tenancy agreements, your business plan, your experience with livestock, a net worth statement and the plan to repay our loan
  • We do credit and land registry checks and the solicitors complete normal conveyancing checks
Step 6

We visit you at the farm to:

  • Get to know you and your current business, as well as your new plans
  • Understand your repayment plan
Step 7

Your solicitor:

  • Explains everything in the documentation
  • You ask about anything you don’t understand
  • You sign to confirm having received independent advice, then sign the contractual paperwork
  • We sign, the loan completes and you receive the funds
Step 8

You build your business and repay our loan

Case Studies

Livestock Financing for Herd Increase

Our client is a successful beef farmer in the southwest, who managed to secure additional feedstock at a very good price. As a result of, the client sought to increase their herd to take advantage of the excess feedstock.

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