Here at UK Agricultural Finance, we may be able to help you this year. If you are currently a tenant farmer but you want more security and you have a right to buy your land, then we can provide the finance to make this a possibility for you. We understand that raising the required funds upfront isn’t always an easy task and that’s why our competitive finance is here to bridge the gap.

We try to stand out from the crowd of financial lenders in a number of ways, but here are some of the main reasons you should consider coming to us for your tenancy right to buy loan:

  • Specialists – Our team specialise in lending to the agricultural sector. This means that we understand your needs and requirements better than most. We are here to provide the right financial product with responsible lending.
  • Open Market Lending – Unlike other lenders, we may be able to provide a loan that is based on the value of your land instead of the discounted purchase price. This means that you will be able to borrow exactly what you need to purchase the land at its true value.
  • Loan size – We are able to provide lending from £100,000-£5,000,000. Therefore, we are confident that we can help a large portion of tenant farmers looking for more security for their future.

We are responsible lenders and this means that there are strict criteria in place for our lending as we want to be sure you are comfortable with the repayments so you can focus on growing your business. If you have any questions or for an initial tenancy right to buy enquiry, please call our team on 020 7030 4955.

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