Are you a tenant farmer with an opportunity to buy your land?

With our loans you can seize the opportunity, with a loan based on the open market value of your land rather than a discounted purchase price.

Unlike conventional lenders, we enable you to apply for a loan, then apply to a more conventional lender once 6-12 months have passed. This is usually how long it takes using the land’s open market value to assess the loan.

UK Agricultural Finance regularly help tenant farmers with a right to buy. Our loans are available up to 65% of the open market value and are ideal for anybody with a tenancy in England, Scotland or Wales.

What do with need to know when you apply?

When applying for this type of loan you must research the purchase option and its value. It is also important to make a business plan for your farm and research different funding sources.

When you contact us, it’s important to let us know the purchase price. You must also know the security worth on the open market and when you need the money. Furthermore, we must know about any existing debts and how you will repay us.

We can then send you a decision in principle for you to accept. At this point, you’re only committed to paying any legal or valuation fees.

If you have a tenancy with a right to buy, simply get in touch today.

01732 252 399.

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