Have an exciting business plan for an agricultural project in 2020?

If you haven’t got enough time to apply to a conventional lender, UK Agricultural Finance is keen to help.

With British farmers facing a great deal of uncertainty due to Brexit, it might seem a risky time to embark upon a new business venture; however, investing in your farm has never been more important when it comes to staying ahead of the competition and preparing for the future. For example, there are hopes that UK farming will be carbon neutral by the year 2040.

With new trade deals and tariffs endangering the competitiveness of products at home, you need to do everything needed to stay productive and innovative.

We specialise in loans for the farming sector and help to fund all sorts of projects, from the purchase of land and expansion of livestock to investing in renewable energy.

We’ve recently been shortlisted for NACFB Lender of the Year, which is an excellent testament to our high standards of customer service. As highly established rural lenders, UK Agricultural Finance can provide expert advice on all kinds of projects.

Our loans can be used for a variety of applications, including property finance to develop, renovate or repair property for capital appreciation and income generation.

We understand that the agricultural sector is complex and challenging. Flexible and responsible farming could make all the difference as an essential tool for your business.

If you need a lender for the farming sector, discover more about UK Agricultural Finance today.

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