UK Agricultural Finance provide loans which are suitable for all sorts of applications, including those for tenant farmers who have a right to buy land.

The number of farm tenants buying property and land has increased significantly in the past year. This has been partly attributed to the fact many landlords think farmland prices have peaked.

Buying a farm can provide you with plenty of new opportunities, since you can do much more with land your actually own. If your landlord has made the decision to sell the farm, this could be the best course of action providing you can get the finance.

Once you’ve found out if you have the right to buy your farm, it’s important to research purchase options and its value, produce a plan and research different funding sources.

Why choose UK Agricultural Finance if you have a right to buy?

Unlike some conventional lenders, we can enable you to buy your land then apply to another lender for cheaper refinancing. We offer the chance to have a loan to the value limit, with 65% of the market value.

Our loans can range from £100,000 to £5 million and are ideal for farmers in England, Scotland and Wales. We believe in truly taking the time to understand each lender’s unique needs and believe strongly in responsible lending.

Why not read more about our loans for tenant farmers? Or find out more about applying for one of our loans today.

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