We are an innovative and flexible lender dedicated to the UK’s agricultural sector. Our loans are secured on agricultural land and property, with funds available for any credible business purpose.

When we lend to someone, we like to know that they are capable and motivated borrowers, which means we like to know as much as possible about you and your business as possible. However, we’re also realistic and understand the challenges of operating in the agricultural sector. This allows us to take a holistic and balanced view of the people and the business, so that our approach is:

  • Fast and fair - we move swiftly to provide finance and are able to adapt a loan to suit you circumstances. Given the basic loan information, we can rapidly provide a decision in principle and then deliver on this.
  • Experienced - our management team has over 100 years of collective experience and we work with leading experts in agricultural valuation, security, restructuring and underwriting to ensure swift, informed and fair decisions.
  • Reliable - we have a simple loan approval process and you can talk directly to the lending decision makers, all of whom have practical experience of business and are able to shape a loan to meet your needs.
  • We understand the unique financial challenges farmers face from day to day. Our aim is to help you with your short and medium term borrowing needs and support the successful and profitable operation of your farming activities and any diversification or expansion plans you may have.
  • Responsible - we take responsible lending seriously. Our loan should help your business create value and your business plan should demonstrate how our loan helps you generate sufficient income or capital to repay our loan, or refinance with the High Street.
Why we're different
  • We are straightforward to deal with and experts in our field.
  • We offer a no-nonsense approach and speak farming.
  • We take responsible lending seriously and believe our loans should help you create value.
  • You can talk directly to a lending decision maker.
  • All our loan officers have practical experience of building a business.
  • If we can’t help you, we will tell you quickly and honestly.
Credit committee

We undertake normal credit enquiries for credit referencing, status, asset ownership, and a personal meeting prior to the loan being agreed.  These enquiries are carried out by our loan officers, who have underwriting and real business expertise. 

Once the loan and borrower have passed our required standards, the final decision goes to our Credit Committee, which uses its expertise and collective knowledge to form a rounded view.  Quite often, one of the Credit Committee members will visit you to help gain an insight into the factors that make a good loan and allowing you to meet one of our senior team. This helps us know more about you as a person - your character, history and reliability – beyond just an anodyne credit report.  We believe this enables us to better assess the deal and confirm that you are capable of taking on and servicing the loan.

  • Security for the loan must primarily be a first charge on freehold land and property
  • The valuation of the land and property is on a strict bricks and mortar valuation
  • The maximum loan to value is 65%
  • The valuation must be done by a reputable local chartered surveyor, who is able to identify any factors that may our security
  • A borrower must be credible, with sensible business ideas and freehold land and property to back them up, with a good track record in their community and be able to create the capital value or income to afford the loan

Lending Services

Case Studies

Funding for Diversification

Our client had recently taken control of the family farms and wanted to improve their revenue.

Renewable Project Financing

Our clients were beef hill farmers who had secured a feed-in tariff for a 600kW high-head run-of-river hydro power plant on their land in Scotland.