In order to compete with such countries as the Netherlands, it’s crucial for the UK to invest in its agricultural sector. This includes adopting new and more efficient ways of farming, such as the use of renewable energy. However, to stay ahead you obviously need the finance to invest in the future and securing that isn’t always an easy task.

Offering flexible secured finance solutions, UK Agricultural Finance is an independent direct lender financed by private capital. We are ideal for anybody who runs a farm in the UK and who needs a loan quickly or want to work with a specialised team who will understand their needs

Our highly experienced team covers England, Scotland or Wales, helping farmers take out loans for all sorts of purposes, including investing in property, renewable energy, buying more land, restructuring, buying additional herd or any other rural financing need.

If you’re looking to make your farming more eco-friendly and sustainable, or have a tenancy with a right to buy, UK Agricultural Finance can help you every step of the way. Brokers, professional advisers and intermediaries frequently recommend us to clients looking to benefit from this type of finance.

Whether you’re looking for livestock finance, want to purchase land or invest in renewable energy, we enable you to borrow from £100,000 to £10 million, with a typical duration for our loans spanning from 24 to 36 months.

We frequently consider applicants who have an adverse credit history and view such cases sympathetically with an open mind.

If you need a loan for your farm in the UK, simply contact us today.

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