Did you know agriculture uses 69% of the country’s land area in the UK?

Employing 1.4% of the workforce, this is an extremely important part of our economy and with the sector facing challenges from Brexit, investing in the agricultural sector has never been more important.

Do you work as a farmer and need financial help with your mortgage? UK Agricultural Finance can help you make the most of your property, whether you’re looking to develop, renovate or repair a building, or invest in more land.

Is your property currently unsuitable for a high street lender’s mortgage? UK Agricultural Finance have extensive experience in property developments across the country.

UK Agricultural Finance consider all buildings and land related to agriculture, including those from tenant farmers with a right to buy. No matter if you’re looking to refurbish a property unsuitable for a high street lender’s mortgage or release equity for short-term cash flow requirements, we can help you secure the finance you need.

Before applying for one of our loans it is important you have an idea of how to increase the value of the property, a clear business plan and have researched different funding sources.

Our previous clients have included a highly experienced developer who needed financing for a development project after working on many successful projects across the country. We provide fantastic access to farm finance and rural property mortgages.

Why not get in touch today? We’re always interested to hear about any projects you have.

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