Do you want to invest in your agricultural property in 2019 or are a tenant farmer that has a right to buy? UKAF help farmers from a wide range of backgrounds to get the capital they need.

UK Agricultural Finance can help you make the most of the property on your farm, with our loans to help you develop, renovate and make repairs. We also help tenant farmers who have a right to buy land and need help getting a mortgage when the opportunity arises.

Furthermore, we are ideal for generational transfers, where we can lend against the open market value of the land.

Will you qualify for one of our loans?

Our lending criteria is based on location, loan size, borrower, loan to value limit and security. We will always listen closely to your requirements and establish whether one of our loans is suitable for your farming business.

Privately owned, we have a group of highly experienced investors who are true experts in the type of service. They’re looking for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, who can help turn your vision into a reality.

UK Agricultural Finance frequently help established businesses with their agricultural client base and are ideal for brokers, professional advisers and intermediaries who believed their clients would benefit from our services.

We offer a bespoke lending service with flexible options tailored to your needs, with the ability to talk directly to a loan underwriter. Why not discover more about our loans for agricultural properties?

01732 252 399.

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